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Lisa Copeland

The Next Era of Driving Autonomous Cars

Living in Austin, Texas I have seen many self-driving cars operated by Google’s autonomous car division Waymo roaming the streets of downtown. In the beginning it was a little intimidating. The promise of a futuristic driving experience seems to be coming to fruition. It sounds like something out of a science fiction film -- vehicles zipping around the streets carrying passengers with no dri

About Lisa Copeland

With over 25 years of proven success, Lisa is a dedicated pioneer in the automotive and financial services industry. In 2017, Copeland founded Cars Her Way, a marketing and technology firm that helps auto dealers create a frictionless buying experience for female customers. Prior to this, Copeland was the managing partner/general manager of the #1 FIAT/Alfa Romeo dealership in the U.S., FIAT/Alfa

Why We are in Love with Fast Cars

It’s officially time to rev up for 2018! I had the pleasure of helping my best friend shop for a new car last week. She's a successful empty nester and was toying withthepossibility of purchasing a new Jaguar F type. She went back and forth. I reminded her owning a two-seater is a daily decision between a purse and a passenger. She told me, "This is the first time in my adult life I can just

10 Tips for Buying a Great Used Car

Buying a used car can save you a great deal of money. To get the best possible deal, you must do the necessary homework. Here are ten tips for buying a great used car. 1. Decide What You Can Afford Before you even begin shopping for a vehicle, you must first develop a set budget. You don’t want to put yourself in a tight financial situation. If you have saved up enough money, you may be abl

The Complicated Relationship Between Millennials and Car Ownership

Once, the allure of the open road seemed impossible to resist. Owning a car was an unquestioned part of the American dream. These days, owning a vehicle is becoming less obligatory and even desirable. Younger millennials see cars as something to get them to their next experience, not as necessities or status symbols. Why millennials don't buy cars is a question concerning car manufacturers and puz