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Advantage BMW Midtown

1305 Gray Street, Houston
Houston, Texas 77002
Call us now : (713) 570-6420
Mike Shaw (713) 570-6420

When you use the Matchmaker Auto referral and get matched with one of our approved dealers like Advantage BMW Mid-Town,  you are ensured to get a hassle-free vehicle buying experience and a great Matchmaker Auto price. There's no better way to purchase a vehicle.

Once you experience the Matchmaker Auto way of purchasing a vehicle, we look forward to your feedback. At Matchmaker Auto, our goal is to provide you with the best car buying experience. The best part of this great service is that it’s all completely free!

Advantage BMW Mid-Town knows that you are a Matchmaker Auto referral, print out the Matchmaker Auto VIP Certificate and bring it to the dealership. This lets Advantage BMW Mid-Town know that you are a Matchmaker Auto referral and allows them to provide you with the best Matchmaker Auto experience!

Advantage BMW Mid-Town serves the Houston Mid-Town area. They have a great selection of vehicles available. With a friendly and experienced staff you can rest assured that your car buying experience will be a memorable one.

Please submit the contact form and you will be referred to Mike Shaw, General Manager at Advantage BMW Mid-Town.

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B 1305 Gray Street, Houston, Houston, Texas, 77002.

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Craig B
Jan 28 2017 @ 11:26 AM


Tom H
Jan 19 2017 @ 02:11 PM

Mike Shaw flat 'gets it" He personally works with every Matchmaker customer. If you have not met Mike yet, you will go away changed and very happy with your new BMW afterwards!