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Why We are in Love with Fast Cars

January 2, 2018

Why We are in Love with Fast Cars

It’s officially time to rev up for 2018! I had the pleasure of helping my best friend shop for a new car last week. She's a successful empty nester and was toying with the possibility of purchasing a new Jaguar F type.

She went back and forth. I reminded her owning a two-seater is a daily decision between a purse and a passenger. She told me, "This is the first time in my adult life I can justify it." Practicality won out when she leased a new Mercedes E class coupe. What is it about a sports car that tempts us to make significant concessions in practicality and convenience? One thing I can guarantee you is that a sports car enthusiast could care less about the new autonomous car frenzy! No true enthusiast wants to sit in the back seat while a computer is at the helm. If you love the art of driving, a sports car just might be calling your name. Every time you fire up the engine, you can expect to crack a smile. Seductive styling makes these sleek rides even more tempting. Here are some of the many reasons why we are in love with fast cars.

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Fast Cars Are Not Just for The Boys

Like men, there are plenty of women who have a passion for driving sports cars. I would be one of them. In the last three years, I have owned two Maserati Grand Turismo, Alfa Romeo 4-C, and a hot pink FIAT Abarth (more about that little baby at another time). They are universal performance machines that everyone can enjoy. For some people, nothing beats the sensation of a roaring engine and the thrill of accelerating quickly. Once you sit behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle, all your stress seems to just drift away.


It's All About Driving Excitement

A sports car is the perfect vehicle for real driving enthusiasts. When ripping around a curvy back road, luxury becomes far less important. In fact, too much technology can take away from your overall driving experience. Sports cars are engineered to give you a direct connection to the road.


Sports Cars Build Community

Owning a sports car is a great way to become more social. It is a large community that appeals to people from all walks of life. From meetups to off-road driving, it's a space that people connect with one thing: their love of a brand or experience.  Everyone brings something unique to the table, thus giving you the opportunity to meet plenty of new faces. I recently met an amazing woman, Emily Miller. She is the founder of the Rebel Rally. She brings people to the desert for a 12-day, off-road experience. What I have heard from her participants is that they gained courage and released years of pent-up fear, but most importantly have made friends for life. Throughout the world, there are numerous car clubs. Once you have joined the club, expect to be greeted with open arms.


Styling That Turns Heads

While driving excitement is the top reason for buying a sports car, styling also remains a big attraction. In contrast to the typical family sedan, sports cars demand a great deal of attention on the road. Each model has its distinctive styling cues. While some drivers prefer an extremely aggressive sports car, there are others who prefer a subtler look. I am married to a guy that owns a modified 1999 purple Plymouth Prowler and a yellow Z06 Corvette. He races the Corvette, but the Prowler is the one, when we pull up at a stop light, that almost causes a riot every time. People are jumping out of their cars to take selfies and wanting to race. What is it about a cool sports car that ignites this sort of emotion? One word; Passion!


It Is Not Hard to Modify and Track the Car

The overwhelming majority of sports car owners spend most of their time having fun on the street. However, there are still a lot of drivers who enjoy taking laps around the race track. In preparation to hit the track, you only need to make a few minor changes to your car. The main modification is merely swapping out your everyday street tires for a set of track tires. Some car clubs also hold autocross events, which allow you to compete against other drivers for a very inexpensive cost.


A Price to Fit Your Budget

Contrary to popular belief, owning a sports car doesn’t require you to spend a great deal of money. While some high-end models can easily cost more than $200,000, there are several affordable choices on today’s market. Entry-level performance cars, such as the Mazda Miata and the Subaru BRZ, can easily be obtained for less than $30,000. So, let's race into 2018, and make it the best year ever!